No more command line tools in Windows 8 SDK?

Well, this is quite annoying, IMO.

Sometimes VS (Visual Studio) Express is not adequate for Windows programming, and the Pro/Premium/Ultimate/etc version is pricey. Until now, the alternative is to use Windows SDK , or the illegal copies from the torrents. It has command-line build enviroment, C++ libraries,  .NET framework, etc (no MFC, though). :mrgreen:

And MS just removed the command-line build environment from the Windows SDK, which means no nmake.exe, cl.exe, ml.exe, link.exe, and so on. I wonder why?

Probably because they don’t like people cheating, and then can force people to use VS instead?

Honestly I don’t understand the rationale behind this decision. Windows SDK is obviously not a drop dead replacement for VS, so why cripple it? That’s just silly. Not every person is a professional programmer who can afford the commercial version of VS. Sometimes Windows SDK is good enough. This is a bad news for hobbyists.

If my understanding is correct, then… bad decision MS, bad decision… 😕 🙄