Interesting Languages

Ermm, I mean interesting programming languages.

I mainly use Java, not because it’s an OOP language1, or it’s beautiful2, but because it’s used in the environment I’m working on (mobile devices & smart cards). Nonetheless, I’m still keeping my eyes on some interesting languages. Probably will use one or two of them for future projects.

So, this is the list (not in any particular order, BTW):

  1. Python
  2. D
  3. Scala
  4. Nimrod
  5. Lua
  6. Go
  7. Rust
  8. Haskell
  9. Common Lisp
  10. OCaml
  11. Pascal
  12. Assembly. My working environment is X86/X86-64 based, so I have several flavours to choose: like this, this one, that, or that one. I’m also learning about ARM, so this one should come handy.

Aware readers might notice that C/C++ are not mentioned here. Even though ocasionally I use them on work, they are not listed. Here’s why:

  1. C is the language for writing UNIX. Still kinda low level for general application development to me. Of course, only hardcore UNIX geeks insist to write everything in C.
  2. C++ is, well, a better C. But messy. At least it has several production-quality implementations and very good 3rd party/tooling support. Still can’t stand it? Well there’s Pascal/Delphi, or D, for example.


1: Java supports OOP, but that’s not the main reason I use it. And if you’re crazy about OOP, don’t forget to give Smalltalk or Ruby a try.
2: No. It’s not. But at least it pays my bill :mrgreen:

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