Building GCC on Windows…

is a PITA (pain in the a**). Yeah, really.

Not convinced? Please give it a try. See how many hours spent on building the compiler. Every time I build GCC, my notebook (4 years old) fan will speed up like a F1 car. :mrgreen:

Fortunately, Windows users don’t need the build GCC themselves. Some peoples already done them. Just google “MinGW GCC” or “GCC for Windows” or “GCC 4.7 Windows”, for example, and you’ll found some GCC builds, for example:

  1. MinGW (obviously)
  2. Cygwin (go get this if you want to emulate UNIX environment on Windows)
  3. TDM GCC
  4. mingw-builds
  5. MinGW distro (I like this one. You have Boost, PCRE, libjpeg, and some other libs included).
  6. Fortran, C and C++ for Windows
  7. Cross-Mingw x86/x64 (20120306), with GCC 4.7.0 (Pre-Release RC1)

See? :mrgreen:

For the brave souls who want to build GCC themselves, please take a look at this guide.




BTW, building GCC on Linux is a less PITA, compared to on Windows. But is still a PITA, though. Even when I’m working on Linux, I never have interest to build GCC myself. Better to trust the package manager on this issue :mrgreen:

I’ll Let You Know

Seringkali sehabis interview/wawancara kerja, pewawanca akan berkata kurang lebih seperti ini:

Baik terimakasih saudara/i atas kedatangan anda. Kami akan hubungi anda lagi dalam 1 atau 2 minggu lagi. I will let you know…

Kenyataanya adalah sudah lebih dari 1 bulan, dan sama sekali tidak ada pemberitahuan, baik melalui telepon, SMS, atau e-mail. I will let you know. Yeaa right…

F7U12 #1

Berikut ini adalah dialog dengan seorang rekan (tapi bukan sekantor) di YM, siang ini.

X: Eh, lu ada signing key BB gak?

Me: Ada. Kenapa, lu kagak?

X: Hehe iya, pinjem dong

Me: OK. Nih gw imel

Beberapa saat kemudian, muncul notifikasi “A code signing request completed”

Me: Wah udah berhasil signing yak?

X: Hehe iya. Dapet notif yak?

Me: Yep

Dan tak lama kemudian, muncul notifikasi “Sucessful Revocation Request”

Me: Eh eh, lu nge-revoke yah?

X: Ehhh iya.. salah click. Sorry. Jadi gimana dong?

Me: ………………. ya udah gw ntar request lagi aja

Malas Datang Ke Acara Keluarga

Kadang kala saya malas datang ke acara keluarga. Kalaupun datang, mungkin gak betah lama2, dan langsung pengen balik atau cabut entah kemana. Bukannya bermaksud antisosial, tapi apa hendak dikata, situasinya memang demikian.

Di satu keluarga, kebanyakan sepupu masih SD. Main2 & lari2 sana-sini. Berisiknya bukan main. Rasanya pengen nendang. Berasa tua sendiri dah.









Di keluarga yang lain, ada aja sanak saudara yg kadang2 suka nyenggol/nyikut sambil cengar-cengir nanya “Hehe gimana? Udah ada calon?” atau “Kapan tanggalnya?” :mrgreen:

And suddenly I feel like:

































Ya, begitulah adanya…

Sigh #2


Installing Yesod on Linux

Nowadays, there bazillion web frameworks out there. One of them is Yesod, a Haskell web framework.

Before I continue my post, please don’t ask me why on earth I would like to try to write web apps in Haskell. Just don’t ask. :mrgreen:

Anyway, the installation steps are (?) supposed to be easy. Take a look at Getting Started with Yesod. I tried

cabal install Cabal cabal-install yesod

and several minutes after that, I could hear my laptop fan speeding up. Of course it got hot. So apparently building Haskell codes is a quite resource-intensive task. Thankfully there were errors here and there so I could stop the compilation process.

Before I turned my laptop off, I did a quick Google search, and found that actually Arch Linux has Yesod available as 3rd party package. The ugly thing is you have to build all of the dependencies manually. Ouch.

Maybe I’ll try Yesod once again… another time.