O hai,

My name is Andre.  I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Universitas Indonesia. My undergraduate thesis was about building a prototype of robots and ball position tracking (soccer robot).

My own computational world is a quite strange blend of Windows and Linux. Windows is the primary working platform. One of the reasons is MASM32 ( yes I know: brain damage) . On the other side, I dabble with Linux on spare time. Used to use Slackware and Debian, now Arch. Probably OS X or FreeBSD in the future.

My computing interest is pretty well diversed and somehow a bit random, ranging from the low level stuffs (compiler, kernel development) to higher abstract stuffs (software verification, theory of computation, etc). I’m also doing work on mobile application development. It’s fun. Mobile devices are the future PC, anyway.

I enjoy a wide range of musical. genres, particularly progressive rock, Jazz, gospel, funk, blues, or even traditional Batak music are OK with me. But please, no dangdut. I hate it with a vengenance.

I am a Christian. My topic of interests are mostly science and religion, and Christian philosophy.