Les Misérables

I watched the movie yesterday. Conceptually, the story is fascinating. We have several issues presented in a pretty solid way:

  1. An parolee who tries to escape his past by repentance and working hard, becoming a good, honest, reputable man.
  2. A police officer who believes only in blind justice: law is everything, once a criminal, always a criminal.
  3. A mother who is willing to do everything (even becomes a prostitute) to support her daughter.
  4. A young idealist man commited to social change who eventually organizes a rebel movement.
  5. Some petty crooks… who are crooks :p
  6. etc

No conclusion about this movie at the moment, though. Probably I’ll watch this movie once again. But one thing for sure:

musical drama is and has always been a turn off to me. It makes me go Zzzz….



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