Two Small Comments About Linux vs Windows

Just read this blog post. I’d like to give comments on these 2 things.

Alangkah bagusnya jika kita menggunakan OSS secara menyeluruh………

……… Oke, back to topic. Intinya, kita tidak bisa menggunakan salah satu saja dari 2 OS ini.

For readers who don’t understand Indonesian, here’s the naive translation:

If would be nice if we use OSS exclusively

……… OK, back to topic. The bottom line is we cannot use  only 1 of those OSes.

As you can see, things are not all  rosy. We wish we could use only OSS. But in reality, we also use non OSS. Idealism which is not strong enough, yes?

And next:

Niat make Linux, Tapi kalo LINUX BISA MAEN BATTLEFIELD 3 dan GAME Cool lainnya.Thanks…

Aha… saya bisa menebak anda…
kan bisa pake dual boot mas… Linux dan Windus dalam satu kompi…

Naive translation:

I want to use Linux. Can it play Battle Field 3 and the other cool games? Thanks…

Aha, I can read your mind. Use dual boot: Linux and Windows in 1 desktop.

This is like saying “Damn, Linux desktops suck for gaming. We can’t play cool games on them. Let’s use Windows”. Which is unfortunately true. Most cool games still are targeted for Windows and gaming consoles. Sure you can use Wine or anything similar, but the rate of success is not guaranteed to be 100%. Do it at your own risk.

Yes, now there is Steam. Kudos for the developer for giving attention to Linux. But still, we need MOAR game developers/publishers to contribute. Square Enix, Rockstar Games, EA Games etc etc, when will you join this movement? :mrgreen:


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