Thunderbird Memory Usage

Thunderbird is my favorite email & Usenet client. Use it on both my Windows & Linux system. It works great.

Until recently, I found a memory usage problem on Windows.


Tunderbird took almost 600 MB of RAM (my notebook has 2 Gigs). And not surprisingly, every time I run it, my laptop become quite slow for a while. Makes me wonder what the real cause is. Let’s list a few possibilities.

  1. Too many email accounts? I only have 3 mails on it. Two for personal usage and one for office usage. One of my personal mail has quite big traffic ocassionaly (due to mailing lists)
  2. Too many add-ons? The add-ons I’m using are Display Mail User Agent, EditEmailSubject, Enigmail, Lightning, MinimzeToTray revivced, and Thundebird Conversations. AFAIR, only the last one affect the responsiveness, a bit.
  3. Antivirus? Is it possible that the inboxes are being scanned.

Until I could solve this problem, it’s better to look for alternatives. Outlook or The Bat!, maybe?



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