Too Loud

This is quite a funny story, anyway…

So, if you are a big hard rock fan, the chance is big that you know The Who, the famous British rock band who are considered among the loudest bands in the world.

Mr Towshend, the guitarist, “walked off the stage during the encore at a Who show in Sunrise, Florida, yesterday, WPTV reports”. Why? Because they were to loud.

Before leaving, Townshend appeared to be unhappy with the sound monitors onstage, yelling they were “too loud” before walking off. The 67-year-old has dealt with hearing problems over the past two decades.

Too loud, eh? I could imagine the power from the Marshall amp stack he has been using for years is one of the contributor to his hearing problem. And folks, let’s face it: he’s not a youngster anymore. He’s alread 67.

Even a rock star couldn’t stand the loudness…


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