Rush vs Yes



Rush vs Yes. Two giant, very influential prog rock bands from the 70s. Who will be the winner?

Let’s take a look at this interesting forum post.

I’m comparing what I think are classic Yes (Yes Album through Relayer) and classic Rush (Fly By Night through Moving Pictures). Both bands are INCREDIBLE. Musicianship, composition, and overall feel from both bands have always impressed me. However, I’ve always liked Yes better. Both bands are great, but I’ve always liked Yes’s sound and style more than Rush’s. Rush is very complex but is more hard rock/metal based, which is awesome. Yes has just always seemed more mystical, and I just love their uniqueness. Nobody sounds like Yes. To me, listening to Rush is like driving a fast race car, while listening to Yes is liking walking through a jungle (metaphorically speaking). Rush is so solid, and rocks so hard, while Yes has a more orchestral or classical take on rock. And to me, Rush takes the songs in a great direction, and ends on an awesome note, while Yes is more about the journey than the destination. Bass wise, I’ve always like Chris Squire better than Geddy. Just like Chris’s voice on the instrument more, but both are great. Well, I’m done rambling. Both bands are great, just like Yes more. Peace

Very nicely worded. Yes, Yes and Rush are my favourite bands (sorry, pun intended). But I have to give Yes the extra point for being classically inclined.

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