Installing Yesod on Linux

Nowadays, there bazillion web frameworks out there. One of them is Yesod, a Haskell web framework.

Before I continue my post, please don’t ask me why on earth I would like to try to write web apps in Haskell. Just don’t ask. :mrgreen:

Anyway, the installation steps are (?) supposed to be easy. Take a look at Getting Started with Yesod. I tried

cabal install Cabal cabal-install yesod

and several minutes after that, I could hear my laptop fan speeding up. Of course it got hot. So apparently building Haskell codes is a quite resource-intensive task. Thankfully there were errors here and there so I could stop the compilation process.

Before I turned my laptop off, I did a quick Google search, and found that actually Arch Linux has Yesod available as 3rd party package. The ugly thing is you have to build all of the dependencies manually. Ouch.

Maybe I’ll try Yesod once again… another time.

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