Infinity Blade 2: A Not So-In-Depth Review

I bought this game last Saturday, and have been playing it for 2 days. Here’s my short note

The graphic
I don’t notice any big differences from its predecessor. It’s still a masterpiece. Probably the best iOS game with the most detail work of art, so far.

The gameplay
The good thing is there are some improvements on this part.

Now you have dual weapons, which are good for fast attacks and massive combos.. at the expense of the ability to block. If this is not your style, you can choose the lighter weapons (+ shields), or the heavier weapons, which trades power for speed.

More RPG-ish elements are added in the game. For example, there are certain paths that is not accessible until you beat certain boss. Need to enhance the power of your weapon/armor? You can do that by combining it with certain gems, which can be looted/purchased during the game. While fighting some enemies, there are certain rules that has to be followed in order to gain XP (experience point), like no magic, block 10 times, etc.

You can’t dodge relentlessly, because now it’s monitored by a stamina monitor. The more you dodge, the more tired your character will be. Once it runs out, your character will unable to get clear of enemy’s strikes. In other words, you need to block or parry more.

Despite the latest update, it still runs a bit laggish (on the iPad 2), particulary during heavy combos/parrying. I hope this issue will be addressed ASAP.

BTW, the obligatory screenshots :mrgreen: :

Conclusion: I rate this game 4.5 (out of 5)

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