No Windows!

At least, do not port my software to Windows.

While the GNU General Public License expressly prohibits me from denying you the freedom to port software protected by it to Windows, I feel that you do great damage to the world if you do. Let me explain.

Windows is a proprietary environment. They don’t give you the source code, and they do anything in their power to limit your freedom. They even try to limit what you can do with the software you rightfully bought from them. So, supporting them in any way is bad for the world, because it encourages others to try to limit others’ freedoms (it worked great for Microsoft, so it must be a good idea, right?).

Whoa… agresif sekali! :mrgreen:

While this text singles out Microsoft, other companies are equally evil. For example, porting the diet libc to Solaris would help Sun, noone else. Don’t do it.

Other companies? Hmm apa saja yaa? :mrgreen:


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