Beberapa isu seputar GPL

Beberapa isu/hal yang menarik, antara lain:
1. This simple, radical restriction means that you are prohibited from taking a GPL project and incorporating it with a closed-source project.
2. This so-called “viral nature” of GPL is what scares the bejeezus out of companies, large and small, who fear the consequences of having to give up their own intellectual property to the public.
3. It’s your party, and you’re entitled to write the guest list. But take a look around the room: not as many folks as you’d hoped for? Liberally-licensed projects are booming. Speaking for myself, a developer who has been to all the parties, I’m much more likely to pass through the door that doesn’t read “GPL Only.”

“Freedom” dengan “extra cost” yang harus dibayar… :mrgreen:

One thought on “Beberapa isu seputar GPL

  1. ada yg bilang itu isu, ada yg bilang keunggulan :p komen2 di situ jg menarik. favorit gw “bukan orangnya yg free tp softwarenya” sama “ngapain ngasi codes ke evil corporation for free, dan mereka gunakan untuk cari untung tanpa berkontribusi balik (jd populer tp susah dikembangkan)”. thx for the link.

    Well, klo gw boleh sotoy, paling tu orang aga kesel karena ga bisa masukin some GPL codes into his own closed-source software makanya nulis artikel ini (dan ketauan komentar yg mendukungnya jg demikian).

    btw linux developers ga keberatan tuh ama binary blobs di kernel. katanya, seharusnya itu melanggar. ribet lah klo dah ngomong legalitas

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