The St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Ini kejadian lama sekali. Dikutip dari sini:

On St Valentine’s Day, 1929, seven men sat talking in the SMC Cartage Company garage in North Clark Street, Chicago. Five of them were gangsters. They were members of George ‘Bugs’ Moran’s gangland outfit. With them were Reinhardt Schwimmer, a wealthy optician who liked to be seen with gangsters, and John May, the garage mechanic.   Two men, dressed as policemen, went into the garage. They lined the seven men up against the wall and took their guns. Suddenly, two hit-men – ‘torpedoes’, as they were called – burst into the garage. One carried a sawn-off shotgun, the other had a machine gun. They blazed away at the helpless men. Twenty seconds later, it was all over. One man’s head had been blown open.  Another man was slumped over a chair; shreds of skin dangled between his splintered bones and shattered teeth.  Four corpses, riddled with machine gun bullets, stared lifelessly at the ceiling. ‘My God!’ gasped Sergeant Fred O’Neill, 5 the first real policeman to arrive on the scene, ‘What a massacre!’…

Kebanyakan orang merayakan Valentine dengan mengirim kartu, coklat, candle light dinner, dst.

Tapi orang-orang ini menggunakan Tommy gun. Ha sungguh tidak konvensional… 💡

Anyway, Happy Bloody Valentine!

Whoops… :mrgreen:

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