Linux itu BUKAN Windows

Bagi anda pengguna Windows yang sama sekali belum pernah menggunakan Linux, tetapi berniat mencoba/menggunakannya, ada baiknya anda membaca artikel ini : Linux is NOT Windows.

Disitu, ada paragraf yang menarik :

Linux is not interested in market share. Linux does not have customers. Linux does not have shareholders, or a responsibility to the bottom line. Linux was not created to make money. Linux does not have the goal of being the most popular and widespread OS on the planet.

All the Linux community wants is to create a really good, fully-featured, free operating system. If that results in Linux becoming a hugely popular OS, then that’s great. If that results in Linux having the most intuitive, user-friendly interface ever created, then that’s great. If that results in Linux becoming the basis of a multi-billion dollar industry, then that’s great.

It’s great, but it’s not the point. The point is to make Linux the best OS that the community is capable of making. Not for other people: For itself. The oh-so-common threats of “Linux will never take over the desktop unless it does such-and-such” are simply irrelevant: The Linux community isn’t trying to take over the desktop. They really don’t care if it gets good enough to make it onto your desktop, so long as it stays good enough to remain on theirs. The highly-vocal MS-haters, pro-Linux zealots, and money-making FOSS purveyors might be loud, but they’re still minorities.

Linux itu bukan Windows.

Linux bisa lebih bagus dari Windows ? Baguslah.

Linux bisa menggantikan Windows mendominasi desktop ? Baguslah.

Linux tidak menggantikan Windows mendominasi desktop ? No problem.

Linux adalah OS yang dirancang dari, oleh, dan untuk komunitas.

He he kok sepertinya rada egois yah ? :mrgreen:

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