man stroustrup

A lame joke for C++ users, taken from here

     stroustrup	- add unnecessary complexity to	language
     volatile char *stroustrup(const char *)
     stroustrup	applies	the classic  European  transformation  on
     succint  grammars.	  The  output  string  removes all useful
     predictability of execution input string.	 Liberal  embell-
     ishments  applied	include	 anthropomorphic suggestions like
     'friend'. Also, the more sexually malformed Freudian  conno-
     tations  like  'private' parts, and pubic,	nay, public parts
     are featured.
     Classically  readable  grammars  may  be  totally	 replaced
     through the creative use of overloading. Features like rede-
     fining '+'	to be '-' result in positive enjoyment	from  the
     output,  and  serve  to increase low life programmer time in
     the search	for meaning.
     Useful overall to mask programming	simplicity, thereby  pro-
     viding  the  unsuspecting	manager	 type  with  an	 image of
     extreme  complexity,  resulting  in  perceived  value  added
     status  for  the  programmer.  Most  often	confused with the
     mathematics library function 'rand'.

Ha ha ha …

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