The end of Ubuntu ??

What is lesser difficult to see, to me, is that Linux is still the same packet of shit as it was 10 years ago, and that it has not made any significative progress since the older Mandrake releases i got on my computers. I am very upset by the last V.7.10 of Ubuntu, and i do no more think that it will ever go anywhere, dispiting the intensive lobying of the Linux fanatics. Fact is that real users have other things to do than playing with an unusable toy-OS, expecting them to edit config files, to restore what the OS has destroyed by itself, for no reason, to edit command lines, and to play the fool with incompatibilities, including at the software level. Not talking of the un-acceptable security, which, alone, would be a valid reason for the complete failure of any Linux.

I now think that, if it ever succeed, this will probably not be before many *years*.

Nah, lanjut lagi :

Dell: On one hand, i bought the smaller Ubuntu PC they sell, just for an easy look at Ubuntu, and for encouraging the Crime&Co at sellijng with Linux on Board. So… i have what i bought. Very Happy Anyway, it is way over what i need in matter of capacity. At a commercial point of view, i have nothing to say: Was delivered fast… Support = Null… Up to now, i have always bought my gear(s) at a little shop, from guys who know what a PC is, since the PCs exist, and i always prefer giving my money away to small guys, than to Companies.

Linuxes: I am not interested, at all, by the various Linuxes. As i told you, i do not care about which one is good or bad, as long as this is the market, and not us, who will take the decision, and it seems the market is going Ubuntu. Also, i always hated Linux, generaly speaking, from its Files System absurd organization, up to its demential security paréanoïa, passing through its so hatable “C-Namings”.

OK, baca lagi :

Ironizing on this topic is quite easy and funny, because, as a matter of fact, Linuxes are the most fascist systems, when compared to Crime&Co OS. The very first impression i get, when testing any Linux, is to be deprived of my computer.

Typically, the user is not supposed to even know where his files are located. And if only it was really true, with those packets of shit, which force the victims to dig into the barril…

Same is it with the Programming Language: C or nothing (or worse than C…). The state of Linux Assembly says all there to say about it.
Diskusi selengkapnya. …

Jadi orang ini, Betov, benci tapi cinta Windows. Jadilah dia membuat ReactOS.

Ha ha ha ha ha ….

Orang yang aneh. Gak heran di ALA dan CLAX sering ada flame war …

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