Girl Hacker …

Hmmm ini terinspirasi ama postingan Mika . Hacker cewe itu emang ada, walaupun jumlahnya (jauh ??) lebih sedikit dibandingkan dengan hacker cowo.

Favorit gw adalah Joanna Rutkowska. Tentang dia :

Joanna Rutkowska has been involved in computer security research for several years. She has been fascinated by the internals of operating systems since she was in primary school and started learning x86 assembler on MS-DOS. Soon after she switched to Linux world, got involved with some system and kernel programming, focusing on exploit development for both Linux and Windows x86 systems.

A couple of years ago she has gotten very interested in stealth technology as used by malware and attackers to hide their malicious actions after a successful break-in. This includes various types of rootkits, network backdoors and covert channels. She now focuses on both detecting this kind of activity and on developing and testing new offensive techniques.

Lihat yg gw bold ? Now that’s interesting ! Jadi ternyata cewe bisa punya such lethal skill, dan bukan cuma VB.NET atau PHP doang ….

~ kabooor

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